POS Campaign – Vertuo Next

Nespresso Vertuo Store

Next stop: Nespresso USA!

LIGANOVA Production USA, our Chicago-based manufactory for BrandRetail experiences, enters the US market of global POS campaigns. For the first time, LIGANOVA Production US realized two Nespresso campaigns, “3D Coffee Farm” and “Vertuo Next”.The Vertuo Next campaign introduces a new compact coffee machine with advanced brewing technologies and an eco-friendly background and contained both window and in-store elements, such as the ecosystem table that displays the machine’s three main benefits: quality, diversity, and sustainability.

The “Vertuo Next” campaign was realized in 20 US Nespresso boutiques,amongst them also the flagships in New York and Miami. LIGANOVA Production USA was responsible for design engineering and production of all campaign windows and in-store elements, logistics, and national roll-out. In less than a month, LIGANOVA Production USA provided a high-quality and simultaneously sustainable POS solution, as they produced all window and in-store elements 100% locally in the US.

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