Brand Experience – The PUMA Holiday Experience


Our client PUMA North America commissioned us to envision and bring to life an outstanding Holiday experience for their largest flagship: The PUMA Flagship on New York's Fifth Avenue. The project aimed to establish a welcoming landing zone at the store entrance, plus, to create eight satellite islands within PUMA's flagship store, offering visitors a unique experience. To immerse customers in the holiday spirit, we conceived the concept of constructing an intricately detailed apartment filled with numerous engaging elements to explore. Our aim was to seamlessly blend the dynamic and contemporary image of a sports brand with the cozy and harmonious ambiance of wintertime festivities, without pushing specific product showcases within the Landing zone. Picture a sporty Santa Claus, braving the cold winter months to prepare for Christmas – and in this scenario, it's embodied by PUMA.

Through props and meticulous attention to detail, we collectively crafted a holiday world for customers to dive into while creating the perfect backdrop for a photo booth experience. Our custom UI/UX interface allowed customers to take selfies on the couch, send them via email, and even print them in the adjacent room known as "The Office."Upon retrieving their photos, customers would discover an array of unique postcards. Customers were encouraged to take a seat, select a postcard, and write holiday greetings to friends and family. The PUMA store would then handle the delivery of your holiday wishes. A standout feature was the modified telephone. PUMA introduced the brilliant concept of gathering voice memos from select PUMA brand ambassadors. Therefore, artists and athletes like Michael Porter Jr. conveyed holiday greetings to visitors. The project drew inspiration from the distinct features and techniques found in Wes Anderson movies, as specified by the client. Ultimately, the integration of technical components to explore, meticulous attention to well-designed details, authentic and suitable props, along with a high-quality execution of the construction, allowed visitors to fully immerse themselves in the realm of winter holidays. LIGANOVA provided the full service package of conception, execution, production, programming and installation. Thanks to our partnership with LIGANOVA PRODUCTION USA, we successfully located an excellent producer for the landing zone near Chicago, while LIGA USA managed the production of the satellite islands. Our extensive network in the US also played a pivotal role in influencing the customer's decision to select our proposal.

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